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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Spelt Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Dr. Harlan Sparer, Tempe Chiropractor

Since my diabetes diagnosis, I have developed several unusual recipes.  This one features Xylitol, a sugar alcohol produced by the Birch tree.  Some organisms have trouble metabolizing it (not for dogs!), such as Strep. Mutans, the bacteria that causes tooth decay.  I can truthfully say that these cookies prevent tooth decay…deliciously!

10 ounces of Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips

1.5 Cups of Unbleached White Spelt Flour

1.5 Cups Whole Spelt Flour

1.5 Cups Xylitol

2 sticks organic unsalted butter

3 eggs

8 tbsp almond oil

3 tsp vanilla

½ tsp sea salt

1 tsp aluminum free baking powder

pinch cinnamon

¼ cup unsweetened almond milk

½ cup oats

¼ cup finely chopped unsweetened coconut

1 cup finely chopped tamari almonds

Let butter melt at room temperature and then cream with Xylitol, following with 3 beaten eggs.  Add oil, vanilla, and soy milk.  In a separate container, mix flour, salt, and baking powder.  Mix with wet ingredients, then follow by adding Chips, Nuts, Oats, and  Coconut.  Bake at 325 for about 10-15 minutes and then eat!