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Knee and Ankle Pain

Knee and Ankle pain: Considering the Kinetic Chain

Dr. Harlan Sparer, Tempe Chiropractor

Western medicine typically treats a problem by the application of a magnifying glass to the structure involved.  This approach is not without its positive aspects in an acute situation.  Chronic problems generally do not respond well when the dynamic interaction of one part with the other parts it interacts with.  This is clearly the case with lower extremity problems. The foot, knees, ankles, hips, sacrum, and lumbar spine (low back) all move when we walk, stand, or sit.  Weight bearing is also a consideration, as the Fifth lumbar disc bears a great deal of weight.  The nerves that enervate the legs originate in the lumbar spine.  Nerve impingement often occurs here as part of the leg, knee, ankle, hip, or foot problem.  A Holistic Chiropractor considers all of these aspects, as well as the individual bones as well.

Knee cartilage problems are often treated by surgery without first considering the far less invasive DNFT® Chiropracic adjustment.  Bunionectomies, knee surgeries, ligament grafting, and other invasive surgeries are a last resort, not a first option, as surgery has its risks, while DNFT® Chiropractic is noninvasive in its approach, using a few ounces of force to align any structure in all directions. The same holds true for ankle and foot problems as well.  After aligning all of the structures out of alignment, some people additionally require mechanical support to the feet.  This typically occurs with severely injured ankles, bunions, hammer toes, asymmetry issues (both feet are different in size or shape), or anatomical leg deficiencies due to fracture, surgery, or birth.  Severe pronation is the result of these issues and indicate the need for a full contact orthotic.


Fitting for a Sole Supports orthotic set is vastly different than conventional orthotics.  The foot is placed through the gait cycle in foam and analyzed by a computer program. It is not simply a foot impression. I do this in my office as part of the cost of the orthotics  It is very detail oriented as is all my work. I fit patiensts using the Sole Supports orthotic.