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Nuke my food? No, Thank You

Nuke my food? No, Thank You

By Dr. Harlan Sparer, Tempe Chiropractor

Most budget priced restaurants and many more upscale restaurants increasingly use microwave ovens in food preparation, sometimes exclusively. Many people “nuke” their leftovers and pre-prepared meals typically have preparation directions geared for this increasingly popular method.

Many mainstream articles speak of how healthy this form of heating food is, as it supposedly preserves nutrients and is extremely convenient. Sadly, simple physics tells an entirely different tale.

Let’s examine how the conventional method of heating food works. The physics are relatively simple. Heat simply causes the molecules in our food to vibrate faster and mildly to severely break down, based on how long we subject them to heat and the intensity of that heat. Heat radiates to the food source from its origin point.

Microwaving food works differently, and operates on a molecular level. Fats, oils, and sugars are maximally effected, more than other nutrients due to their biochemical makeup. Microwave cooking works by rapidly switching the electromagnetic charge on complex organic bonds. The resultant friction “cooks” the food. This essentially alters the chemical structure of the food in the process. Nutritious food can turn toxic by chemically altering it this way.

Try an experiment sometime if you are not convinced. Overcook food in a microwave oven and overcook the same food in a toaster oven. The overcooked toaster oven food is simply burnt. The overcooked microwaved food tastes wrong. The fats, oils, and sugars are distinctly and substantially altered.

I learned years ago in Biochemistry class that food can be classified as nutrient or toxin. Either it can be incorporated into the cell structure of the body or it can be excreted or safely stored because this cannot be done. I believe it’s better to not put it in our mouth if it isn’t going to be nutritious.

Your author admits to eating only a limited amount of cooked food, due to knowledge of the biochemistry and physics of food preparation. The question is often asked if food is prepared in a microwave and an alternate means is requested when possible. In addition, Microwave ovens pose the threat of radiation leakage when they are built improperly or when they get old. Microwave radiation is dangerous and invisible.

In the 20th Century, in the 1940s and 50s, X-Ray machines were ubiquitous in shoe stores. Everyone was X-Rayed to insure a perfect fit of shoes. Years later, we realized the inherent danger of X-Rays. Cigarettes were supposed to be relaxing. Now we know they cause Cancer. Maybe it is time to examine our Microwave obsession?