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Raw Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Raw Coconut Milk Ice Cream Recipe

Dr. Harlan Sparer, Tempe Chiropractor


Vitamix or High Powered Blender

Ice Cream Maker (I use a Cuisinart 2quart)

Mortar and Pestle



1 Young Whole Coconut

2 cups Raw Almond Milk

½ cup Raw Agave Nectar

2 tsp Vanilla Beans

4 tsp Raw Coconut oil

1/3 cup Raw Coconut Cream

1 Cup of whatever flavoring you desire, preferably fresh ingredients



Freeze Ice Cream Maker Container for 24 hrs. Crack open young coconut. Empty liquid contents into Vitamix with Almond Milk, Agave, Coconut oil, Coconut cream, and flavoring (try a cup of Raw Cacao Powder). Grind Vanilla Beans with Mortar and Pestle Scoop Coconut meat into a bowl and carefully remove any woody crust that is adherent. Empty Coconut Meat into Vitamix. Blend into liquid form. Remove Container from Freezer and set up. Turn on and add liquid from Vitamix. Operate until you have Raw Ice Cream. Eat, or chill and eat if you can.