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Weight Loss

Weight Problems and Weight Loss

Dr. Harlan Sparer, Tempe Chiropractor

Weight problems are becoming an increasingly difficult issue in America today.  There is a disproportionate amount of refined sugar present in processed food.  The amount of indigestible fats and oils is reaching epidemic levels.  These indigestible substances are excreted if we’re lucky, or stored as fat.  Genetically Modified Food is pervasive in our diet and create obesity through consuming them.  Eating organic food is the answer in this case, and weight loss typically occurs over time simply by switching to an all organic diet, including restaurant food.

One of the first processes in working with diet is notation by the person in question of a food diary.  This is both instructive to the patient and the Doctor.  I prefer to work with the patient to reconstruct the diet to a healthier one based on what the patient likes to eat.  Co-creating it strongly encourages compliance. I provide these consults for my Chiropractic patients.

I also teach classes in how to make raw chocolate, without any refined sugar or bad fats.  Vist that site here.

Another excellent tool to aid in weight loss is the Greens First and First Shake  Protein drink.  These are available online at my product website http://www.firstshake.com/3709/content_doc.asp and in person at my office as well to my patients.