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Quinoa Bean Salad

This bean salad is nutritious and gluten free.  It is Vegan if you lose the feta cheese.

1 cup of dry OG (Organic) quinoa (prepare with 2 c water and any spices you like)

1 can of OG chickpeas

1 can of OG red kidney beans

1 can of OG black beans

1 can of OG cannellini

1 can of OG northern beans

1 can of OG pinto beans

1 cup fresh OG green beans (steamed)

1 cup OG corn

1 bag OG frozen peas and carrots

1 OG red pepper

½ OG onion

1 bag trader joe or other red lentil ziti

Garlic, black pepper, curry powder, chili powder, salt, to taste

1 cup OG balsamic vinegar

1 package OG Sheep Feta Cheese


Start with balsamic vinegar in large mixing bowl.  Add spices.  Add beans and marinate for 8-24 hours.

Steam veggies and leave crunchy.  Add to marinade and stir.  Cook and add ziti after draining the ziti.  Add cooked Quinoa (set to boil and simmer until water is gone) and Feta.  Refrigerate and serve.