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Syndrome X and the SAD

Syndrome X, or Metabolic Syndrome, appears to be more commonplace in Western Society.  This condition is characterized by fat accumulation primarily in the belly area, known as central fat.  One or more of the following problems are present: Elevated Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Elevated Triglycerides, and Elevated Cholesterol.  Factors that influence or create this condition are genetics, age, lack of exercise (sedentary lifestyle), excess weight, fluid retention, excessive caloric intake (overeating), and stress.  The dessert alternatives present in this book are an effective starting point to cope with this series of conditions.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) is fraught with empty carbohydrates, non-metabolizable fats, and food that simply put is plainly unhealthy.  Many of these foods are familiar and are comfort foods that we crave for psychological reasons.  My Bubbie used to say, “Ess en Gedenkt (Yiddish for Eat and Remember).”  Food and powerful memories connect in the Limbic system in the core of the brain, known as the “Reptile Brain.”  Comfort foods are established early.  My goal is to try and find a translation of comfort foods into healthy food with a similar palate, flavor, and texture.  This will enable you to enjoy comfort foods without them triggering or exacerbating Syndrome X conditions.