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Severe Former Back Pain

by Joan Frank

After three completely different personality types all recommended I go
see Dr. Sparer  for a case of severe back pain–including my former,
out-of-state chiropractor, I listened and went. What I found was a very
gentle, fast, effective way of eliminating back pain without any
cracking and without months of continuing follow-up appointments. I was
delighted to have found him. So delighted in fact, that I now send my
out-of-town guests with back trouble in to see him as part of their
vacation visit!


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
By Michelle Ward

I have gone to chiropractors on and off for a long time because once in awhile I throw my back out when exercising.  I run an average of 20 miles per week. Sometimes I get lower back pain that affects my hips and I need to get my spine adjusted.

I didn’t like the ‘crack and pull’ type chiropractors I had visited in the past because I would usually be in more pain after their treatment!  A friend told me about Dr. Sparer and his gentle approach.  I was intrigued and decided to give it a try.

After only four sessions with Dr. Sparer, my back pain completely disappeared!  His treatments are so quick and painless.  Now, I go occasionally and see him when necessary.  I appreciate Dr. Sparer’s flexibility in scheduling, too.  When my schedule gets busy, it’s nice to know I can schedule with him in the evenings or on Sunday.

Tried and True
By Victor Winston

I have had back problems for many years.  All of a sudden my back will go out and I have to go a chiropractor.  Friends referred me to Dr. Sparer but I wasn’t completely sold on wholistic healing and I hesitated about contacting him for an appointment.

Although I was dubious, I contacted Dr. Sparer for an appointment and was pleased at how quickly he scheduled my appointment.  His technique sounded too good to be true but I was interested in receiving pain-free treatment for my back.

Just by feeling my back, Dr. Sparer could see where the problem was and he said that I would only need a couple treatments to feel better.  He was right.  I have been going to Dr. Sparer for about seven years now.  I go about four times a year when my back goes out and I usually feel relief from his treatments within a couple hours afterwards, sometimes sooner — like as soon as I walk out of his office!  Most of the time I only need two treatments. Dr. Sparer is a very nice person and he has been wonderful for me.

Quick Relief
By Wib Middleton

I have experienced severe back pain in my life.  The pain feels like a spear in my back through to my chest.  I don’t know what causes it but it is triggered by stress and it comes on quickly.  Other chiropractors have helped me in the past but my wife recommended I try Dr. Sparer the next time I got back pain.

When I visited Dr. Sparer, it was remarkable how quickly the pain went away.  The results were dramatic and the pain disappeared within a few hours, just after one session.  I like Dr. Sparer because he doesn’t require that I keep coming back again and again.  Although he works quickly, he does take time to analyze the problem.  His technique really worked on my back.

Post-Partum Back Pain
By Donna Rettell

After I had my baby and began nursing, I started experiencing excruciating back pain that was so bad I could barely breathe.  I didn’t believe in the normal type of chiropractors who crack your back because it doesn’t seem to be exact enough for me.

I found Dr. Sparer in the yellow pages and immediately set up an appointment with him because he uses a gentle approach, D.N.F.T. ® Chiropractic.  I was so impressed with his technique because it is so precise.  He works very quickly, each session lasts about 15 minutes, and the sessions are pain-free.  I felt immediate relief after the first session and after only four sessions my back pain was completely gone.   I also liked the fact that he didn’t push me to keep coming back to see him.

It was very reassuring to me that Dr. Sparer was so confident and knowledgeable when I was in so much pain with my back.  He was also very discerning about gathering information about me and I found him to be a great listener.  His holistic approach helped push me toward a healthier lifestyle.  Although I don’t need to see him on a regular basis, I recommend Dr. Sparer to anyone who mentions back pain to me.

Testimonial from Rita

What Dr. Harlan Sparer, Chiropractor did for my dogs was amazing. I am a retired veterinarian Tech – professional pet groomer/dog trainer, owner of a pet shop and groomer teacher for 26 years. I have worked with dogs and cats all my life. I am also an alternative holistic companion animal consultant, a certified equine/canine massage and acupressure therapist and also certified in T.F.T (Thought Field Therapy) and massage therapist.

Dr. Sparer has been my personal Chiropractor for 11 years. His work on me has proven to be the best I have ever had. From environmental illness with fibromyalgia, to a severe horse accident and injuries from heavy lifting. Dr. Sparer repaired me from a bad fall on ice over this past Christmas. The injury was excruciating and I was totally unable to walk. But, as always, within a few visits he skillfully put me back together!

My first experience with his work on my black lab mix Mackie was the most astonishing thing I have ever witnessed. It was instant magic! Mackie jumped off a high bed and landed awkwardly. His back legs were dangling and he was unable to move them, he could neither walk nor stand. One visit and five minutes later Mackie shook off and ran across the yard and found the nearest tree. One adjustment! It was amazing!

Last month my big dog Hunter, all 103lbs of him, first thing in the morning went down on his front legs, he stumbled and walked sideways crying out. Upon examination I found no visible signs of anything. As the day went by he cried every time he tried to move. He was visibly in great pain. He did eat his breakfast but lay on the floor all day. I decided to give him aspirin midday to try and relieve him and see if he could move about without crying. I noticed later when he walked that his head was shifted to the right and his gait was noticeably off. Around 6 PM he threw up undigested breakfast, then again one hour later he threw up a large amount of liquid dark substance with blood and blood clots. I immediately called his vet (this happened on a Sunday) and was referred to emergency in Carefree – quite a trip at 10:30 PM. X-Rays, blood work, exam for the cost of $500 and no diagnosis. They gave him two medicines for his stomach and we were back home at 3 AM in the morning.

Next day I took him to his regular vet and left him all day for observation. They took more X-Rays and blood work and still no firm diagnosis, $800 later.  So I decided to have him examined by Dr. Sparer. My intuition was that at least a part of the problem was partially structural.

One visit, upon palpation Dr. Sparer discovered his hips were out of alignment, but more important, his head was off the axis. Amazingly he made the proper adjustment correction. He then explained all the possibilities of the problem. The vertebrae were pressing on the carotid artery and vagus nerve and in is somewhat rare. It can cause paralysis and nausea. He said he’d not seen this nor treated a dog for this ever before.

His hands went right to the problem and he has felt normal ever since that visit.