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Starting From the Wrong Place

One of the worst problems the Western Medical approach has is its starting point.  Of course, “Modern” Medicine is sickness based by definition, so preventative solutions are typically ignored until the problem becomes substantial and often dangerous.  It also goes without saying that the effect of nutrition, spiritual state, emotional state, and environment are equally ignored as well.  While the analysis of these faults could be a volume unto themselves, let’s examine an important aspect that is all too often ignored.

Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Ironically, his Philosophy gave birth to a “scientific” viewpoint that is quite the opposite.  Reductionism has the goal of simplifying the solution to a problem.  Rather than observing at a distance, the search is for a satisfactory “fix” rather than a deep, complex analysis of the problem, consider any and all interactive parts.

There is a simple, reductionist reason why this philosophy is the current rationale in “Modern” health care.  It makes far more money for everyone concerned.  The patient is a given less time per face to face visit, leading to more brief duration visits over time.  If a problem improved swiftly with a careful, inexpensive minimalist solution, there would be a substantially decreased profit margin for the provider and the entire health care apparatus.

All Western Health Care models are based on profit.  None are wellness based.  As a result, wellbeing is not coveted by the provider.  There simply is no financial reward to it.  Ultimately, this creates failure on many levels.  Time and resources are wasted for extra visits to review negative findings face to face.  Analysis is stretched over time, netting greater profit but leading to increasing neglect of treatment.  Unnecessary tests are performed to prevent litigation.  Inferior providers thrive by charging cheaper prices to compete.  They are often employed by larger financial entities rather than individual providers.  Hospitals need to create business for themselves and advertise competitively.  Some Hospitals force treatment on noncompliant patients utilizing the law to “medically kidnap” them, often tearing apart families for profit.  This is our current system of Wealth and Hellness.

We need to get away from the cookbook approach to health care.  We need to find the causes of disease and prevent them before they manifest.  We need to be conscious of what we eat and eliminate noxious foods from our lives.  We need to recognize the effect of our lifestyle on our well-being and the Planet’s wellness.  We need to wake up from our snooze.